Clint's Computer Repair
Clint's Computer Repair


Here is a short list of service I offer:


System Tune ups


Removeal of malicious software


Hardware & Software Upgrades


Operational Instructions 


Transfer/Consolidate data from multiple sources


Build Custom PC's


Install & Setup Modems & Routers


Install Range Extenders & Boosters


Optimize Network bandwith


Configure all Wireless devices on network


Setup whole home networking to share printers & stream content.


Program Small Electronics: ie Blu-Ray players & Smart Televisions


Setup Tablets and optimize apps


Wire managment for all devices.


Configure Harmony remotes & Audio Receivers

** Due to my current employment at "RC Willey" I am unable to compete or offer services available by RC Willey. However I am able to offer advise and help schedule such service. IE: Wall mounts, TV Installations, Receiver Audio setup, Cable Run's etc.


Once product is installed I may make minor changes to configure network functions or smart features, to seemlessly intigrate with other devices.


Contact Info

Clint's Computer Repair

Clint Jackson 

Phone: 208-559-2500 208-559-2500


Always Under Development 

Last Updated 5/29/17

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